Discover The Secret of Music Theory Beginners Are Using.

With iMus Theory Grade 1, Min Min Tay will show you how to drastically improve the fundamentals of your music theory in note reading skills, understanding rhythms and basic concepts of music theory.

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iMus Theory Grade 1 - A Guide to Your Music Theory

The resources and materials in my i-Mus Theory Grade 1, will provide you with an understanding of the basic building blocks of music notation, note recognitions, rhythm, understanding of time-signatures and MANY MORE.

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    iMus Theory Grade 1, will help you to understand time-signature, show you how notes are grouped together using beams, understand the rules of stems based on the position of the notes on the staves. iMus TheoryGrade 1 will also include the basic performance directions and Italian terms, required for the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music (ABRSM) at Grade 1 level.

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    Whether you are a pianist, instrumentalist or an avid music fan who just enjoys listening to music and want to heighten your listening and understanding skills, iMus Theory Grade 1 will help you to decipher some of the misconceptions of music theory.

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    If you are struggling in theory class and need a guide to help you along and want to know more about the basics of Music Theory.

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    If you want to be more disciplined in understanding and studying music theory with a clear explanation of music examples and improve your all-round musicianship in less time than you usual, iMus Theory Grade 1 can help you.

Are you in a dilemma about learning music theory? Confused about how to go about it?

“Now You Can STOP Your Confusion over trying to understand the Fundamental Basic elements of Music Theory and Begin to appreciate it. Even If You’ve Tried Everything Before!”

I Easily Put An END To My Students’ Frustrations — And They Started Enjoying Music Theory more and applying it to the music they are playing.

And I’ll Show You How YOU Can Do It Too!



You see notes on these lines  and spaces in every music scores and you wonder what they are and how you read them !

  • Are you FRUSTRATED when you need to jot down a tune that has been in your mind, but just find it too difficult to notate them in rhythm and in the right key?
  • Are you TIRED of trying to figure out how musical notations and rhythm work?
  • Are you ANNOYED by the fact that you have read many books and yet still find it confusing to put all the musical notations and terms together so that they make sense… frustrated by what key-signatures mean? and how to read them?
  • Are you OVERWHELMED by the rules of grouping notes and beaming them correctly? Writing key-signatures and remembering them in their proper order? Are you more confused with the terms I have just used?
  • Are you just about DONE and ready to throw in the towel?

Today, that’s all going to CHANGE!

You Can’t Afford to Ignore Music Theory if you want to play music

Then what you’re about to hear will be music to your ears…

Because I’m about to show you how to put an END to these problems once and for all, and enjoy the benefits of being able to read basic music notations required at the level of the ABRSM Grade 1 on the music sheet, to be able to recognize the symbols and terms needed for the fundamentals in music theory, and be able to appreciate how music theory goes hand in hand with playing and understanding music.

If You Are Still Struggling With the basics of Music Note Reading, You Need To Read This Page Carefully.

I put an END to the frustration that many of my students were facing when dealing with music theory and now they have learnt to appreciate music theory better and apply it to their playing and understanding of music.

During the course of teaching, I have often encountered people with very negative views about learning music theory. I think these people are missing the point.

The more you know about music theory, the more you will appreciate the music you are listening to.

I am not saying that you won’t be able to enjoy music without any theory knowledge, but if you are able to pick up certain elements like, identifying a change of key, a change of time-signature, change in the nuances or identifying what instrument was playing, you will be able to appreciate the music even more.

And Now I Would Like You To Have My Solution, So YOU Can Enjoy the process of Learning Music Theory, Too!


iMus Theory Grade 1

iMus Theory Grade 1 has been created with the hope of helping musicians beginning their musical journey appreciate and enjoy the learning of music theory. To guide them through the process and help them to be better musicians and performers.  A lot of hours have been put in, with so much experiences illustrated in a logical way through music examples, to ensure beginners quickly learn and grasp the concepts. Discover more techniques and proven skills to accelerate your music theory skill.

iMus Theory Grade 1 is an incredible, excellent source of guide for beginners.

Here’s what your iMus Theory Grade 1 solution will do for you:

  • Benefits of being able to read musical notations on any music score up to one octave
  • To be able to able to identify note values and their equivalent rest
  • To be able to count basic rhythm
  • To be able to recognize basic symbols and terms needed for the fundamentals in music theory
  • To be able to group notes and beam them according to their time-signatures
  • To be able to identify Key-Signatures and write basic scales of C Major, G Major, D Major and F Major

“Music is the one incorporeal entrance into the higher world of knowledge which comprehends mankind but which mankind cannot comprehend.”

– Beethoven

Min Min Tay


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Here Are Some Stories Of Real People Who Overcame Their Problems in Learning Music Theory With My Help

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The Theory content is great and suitable for those who are keen to know more bolts and nuts about music theory. Looking forward to the next edition of music theory from you !

Hui Xian

I tried to learn theory from other book on my own, but ended up frustrated and confused. After learning with Min-Min, I have a clearer picture now as she teaches in a clear and easy to understand manner. She uses a lot of music examples to make it easier to learn.

Hui Xian

I am guitar player, used to be very confused when it came to music theory, but after guidance from the iMus Grade 1, I was able to understand the concepts clearer and I have a better appreciation of music theory. Thank you Min-Min”

Mr Ian

I learnt a lot by going through guidance from Min-Min Tay. She teaches with great inspiring manner, and provides example on how to tackle music theory dilemmas. I would like to recommend those who struggle through music theory to seek guidance from her !

Mr Ian
Claire Singer

Awesome Ebook ! I immediately downloaded and read all the contents in 3 days and apply them in my violin lesson. All I can say it WORTH more than the value of this price.

Claire Singer

IN NO TIME, You Will Be Learning….

These are just some of the basic knowledge required of Grade 1 ABRSM level. Imagine what you will learn at Grade 2, 3, 4 and 5. My ebooks for the subsequent grades are in the pipeline, so stay tuned.

Just Take a Look At Everything You Get!

When you claim your copy of i-Mus Grade 1, you’ll be getting a complete A-Z solution for unraveling the meaning of the basics of music theory.

  • Clefs
  • The Stave
  • Musical Notation
  • Note Values and their equivalent rest
  • Rhythm
  • Time Signatures
  • Grouping of Notes and Beaming of Notes
  • Key Signatures
  • Symbols and articulation
  • Italian terms (what they mean in a music piece when you see them)
  • Universal PDF Book which is viewable on iPad, iPhone IOS, Android & Tablet Devices
  • and many more including Bonus inside the book.

i-Mus Grade 1 has been launched to solve all the problems that you encountered when learning basic music theory.  iMus comprises of more than 50 PAGES of information and examples that you can read on your Computer, iPhone, iPad or Android devices, Anytime, Anywhere at your convenience. It is learning on the Go.

As I have mentioned earlier, I have encountered many people with very negative views about Music Theory. Many teachers do not see the necessity to do theory in the earlier grades and many students don’t even begin to think about theory until they have passed their Grade 5 Practical Exam.This has become a perpetual problem as many teachers only focus on playing and not paying enough attention to music theory.

Music and theory go hand in hand. If the composers did not understand how to put their music on paper, we wouldn’t get to enjoy and listen to so many collections of beautiful music left behind from these great composers and musicians.

This book is for anyone who wants a better understanding of the basics of music theory. Whether you just want to find out more about the basics of theory, for leisure, or if you are struggling in theory class and need a guide to help you along. The topics are compiled into an easy to understand way.

I hope that it will change your views about music theory, help you to be more disciplined in study and improve your all-round musicianship.

One Time USD$97 Only !

Grab this LATEST revised edition of iMus Theory. INSTANT DOWNLOAD even at 2am in the morning.

Remember… The Good Musicians Are Those Who Understand How Music Works.