About Min Min Tay

Hello.. My name is Min-Min Tay, pianist, performer, an advocate of music and as well as a full-time piano teacher. I am the author of iMus Theory Grade 1  & soon to be released iMus  Theory Grade 5. I am also the owner of  Learn Piano Lesson Singapore website, providing piano lessons in Singapore and intensive music theory for students who want to learn for leisure as well as those who aspire to take on the path of music.

I am passionate about music and inspire excellence in music teaching. I conduct piano lessons and music theory from my own music studio. 

“My  philosophy in teaching is to first inspire the students to love study, to awaken within them a desire to rise above themselves, to motivate and encourage the students to be more than what they can be.

To teach the students how to study, train them to think, to inspire the students to love what they do, to develop knowledge that will contribute to their well-being in their life pursuits.”

There are many benefits in the learning and studying of music besides having the satisfaction of mastering and playing the instrument well.

The student learns music theory and has to be persistently , overcoming challenges with patience and determination. The student also learns to appreciate the beauty of music through understanding of how music works. It is through learning of the basics of music theory that the student can fully appreciate the pieces they are playing and in so doing, become better musicians.

At the end of it all, through teaching music, I hope that I can teach her students to develop a flair for music and  mold them to be well-rounded individuals who are sensitive, kind and resilient people who can lead a happy and satisfied life.







Min Min Tay,

(Owner of Piano lesson blog)