Discover the Secrets to Passing the ABRSM Theory Grade 5 – Video Course

14 Days of Interactive Training For Those Struggling with Music Theory


My video course is for the musicians who want to experience change in their music theory learning, who want some clarity and guidance through this process. My course offers you step-by-step learning in a simple to understand manner with clear diagrams for visual understanding. It motivates and inspires you to push you out of your comfort zone on the journey to being connected and understand music theory better.

  • Stop avoiding learning Music Theory
  • Get motivated and look forward to learning each new topic
  • Start pushing your comfort zone and begin feeling more confident
  • Be inspired when you realize that Music Theory isn’t that difficult afterall

“I’ll show you how to remember the most important topics necessary to answer most of the questions based on the ABRSM Theory Grade 5.” – Min Min Tay


Here’s what you get:

- 14 Interactive Training Videos (NOT AVAILABLE ON YOUTUBE)

- Diagrams for every Topics that make your learning journey easier

- Many Examples from each topic to seal your understanding and gain back your confidence

- Download Your Training instantly




I am absolutely confident that if you have been struggling with Music Theory and dreading it, you will benefit from taking my course.

However, if you are unsatisfied with the course for any reason, just let me know and I will give you your money back.

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